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Mammal anatomy penis bone

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For ferrets, sex is a prolonged affair. In total, the act of mating might last up to three hours. Fortunately for the males of the species, they are packing a secret weapon to help them through this daunting task. Some modern mammals including ferrets, mice, dogs and even apes have a bone inside their penis, called the baculum.
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What animals have a bone in their penis?

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What animals have a bone in their penis? -

If you think this is a mammoth ivory, you're totally wrong! It is the penis bone belonging to an extinct walrus species! The penis' main function is to keep enough stiffness to penetrate an orifice during mating, and to deliver sperm. And mammals found the best solution - most of them have this unique bone named baculum penis bone, penile bone or os penis inside their penis.
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Why don't humans have a penis bone? Scientists may now know

The walrus penis bone, also known as an os penis or baculum, is one of the most popular objects at the Grant Museum. The human penis is haemodynamic, meaning an erection is achieved by blood pressure alone. In animals with an os penis, blood pressure still plays an important role, but the pressure functions to push a bone structure into the penis in order to achieve an erection. This has many benefits over an erection sustained by blood pressure alone, not least in keeping the glans open for sperm to pass through. While the importance of shaft size and sperm competition has been discussed in my previous blog post , even the largest penis will offer no evolutionary advantage if sperm cannot escape: these much desired qualities will never be passed to offspring.
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One of the most weird and wonderful products of evolution is the penis bone, or baculum. The baculum is an extra-skeletal bone, which means it is not attached to the rest of the skeleton but instead floats daintily at the end of the penis. Depending on the animal, bacula range in size from under a millimetre to nearly a metre long, and in shape, varying from needle-like spines to fork like prongs. Bacula are found in certain species of mammal, but not all. We showed that the baculum first evolved after placental and non-placental mammals split, around m years ago, but before the most recent common ancestor of primates and carnivores evolved, around 95m years ago.
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